Los Angeles Superior Court Case Access

Things have come a long way in the last decade or so. Technology development is fast and even old fashioned systems such as legal ones must adapt. Most of them already have, which makes many things a whole lot easier as a lot can be done online. As such, any legal representative or an individual doesn’t have to go to the court as often as in the past.

The Superior Court of California – County of Los Angeles

As basically any firm, official authorities also have their own website, which are the keys that enable users to access documents online. Los Angeles Superior Court is no exception and it has its own website. This is the URL: http://www.lacourt.org/. The site is available in multiple different languages, including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Armenian, and Spanish.

On this website, you are able to obtain much useful information. It also provides a vast option of online services for individuals and legal professionals equally. Instead of sending physical forms, you can use this website to do so electronically in a much easier and faster way.

You can also file your case online, order your divorce judgment documents, order audio recordings and transcripts, and much more. Of course, you can also access any existing case.

Los Angeles Superior Court Case Access

Los Angeles Superior Court case access is one such tool that was set in place to make cases easily accessible for anyone in possession of a case number to access it and view its details. Herein we will provide you with detailed instructions and step-by-step actions that will enable you Los Angeles Superior Court case access.

How to Use Los Angeles Superior Court Case Access Option

Below we will provide you with detailed steps on how to access cases with ease.

Step #1: Visit http://www.lacourt.org/

Step #2: To access any case you must first know in which of the categories it falls in. Is it appellate, civil, family law, probate, or small claims. Once you have determined in which of the listed categories your case belongs to, proceed to the next step.

Step #3: In addition to knowing in which category your case belongs to you will also have to know the case number. Do you have your case number ready? If so, place your mouse cursor on the second item in the menu bar called “Online Services”. As you will do so, a drop-down options menu will automatically appear. You will see that there is a “Case Access” option available for all of the above-listed categories. Click on the “Case Access” text in a category that your case belongs to.

Step #4: The exact “Case Access” page is slightly different for each category, however, the search principle is the same for all of them. First, we advise you to carefully read the text above the actual search box. After doing so, click on the box next to “CASE NUMBER” and enter your case number. In case you made a mistake, click the “CLEAR” button, but if you’ve enter the correct number click on the “SEARCH” button.

*Not in all categories, but in some, you will have an additional option to also select a filing courthouse. Just below the “CASE NUMBER” you will see “FILING COURTHOUSE” text. Next to it, there is a drop-down menu from which you can select the exact courthouse. This is optional and your case number alone should be sufficient input.** For the Small Claims category, you will also have to select a search date range; simply select the start and end date.