McHenry County Court Access

McHenry County Court Access – How-To Guide

The legal system is typically not very prompt when it comes to adopting the technology. As such, it took most courts quite a while to create their working platforms, where both general public and legal professionals can access certain information regarding the specific cases, file a variety of documents, and more.

Even though we are about to enter 2020, there are still many legal authorities who haven’t made a transition to the online world just yet. But there are many who have and McHenry County Court is one of those.

Herein we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to successfully use the McHenry County Court Access system.

How to Use McHenry County Court Access

Without further ado, let’s dig into step-by-step instructions that will enable you McHenry County Court access with ease.

Step #1: Visit This is McHenry County Court’s Public Case Access page. On this page, you will first be able to read their Welcome message and also access their terms of service. However, since you are probably interested in a specific case simply move on to step #2.

Step #2: At the bottom of the page you will be able to see two blue buttons. Click on the one that says “Case Information Search”. After doing so, you will be taken to a “SEARCH” page.

Step #3: If you have successfully completed the above two steps, you are now on McHenry County Court’s search page. This page is very clear and simple to use. There are three search options available on the page: Case Number Search, Ticket Number Search, and Party Name Search.

The one that is selected is displayed in orange color – by default that is normally Case Number Search. If you’d like to perform any of the two other available search options, simply click on the box that says “Ticket Number Search”, which is the one in the middle, or “Party Name Search”, which is the one on the right.

Step #4: Whichever of the three given search options you decide to use, make sure you have the necessary information at hand. That is either the case number, the ticket number, or the party names.

All three search options have the same structure and follow the same principles. At the top, there is a prompt box in which you enter either the case number, ticket number, or party name. Simply click on that box and enter the search-option-corresponding information.

Note: Make sure to read the specific search tips at the bottom of each search option. There you will learn if there are any specific ways in which you must enter the information in the search box.

Step #5: Once you have entered the information in the search box, simply click on the big blue “SEARCH” button below the search box.

This is it. If you have followed the above simple 5 steps and entered the correct information into the search box, you will be able to access the document you are interested in.