Alachua County Court Records

As you might already know there is most information available online these days. Despite the fact that there are some official state-related and legal authorities that still operate offline, there has been a great overall improvement in that area as well.

Nowadays, you can get a lot of official things done online. Most types of forms can be submitted online by visiting the authorities’ websites, which basically serve as online platforms.

Alachua County Court records can also be accessed online with ease. To make the process for all of you who are less familiar with this kind of online process as pain-free as possible, we prepared a detailed yet simple step-by-step guide on how to access Alachua County Court records online.

Alachua County Court Records Access Guide

Here you will find simple instructions on how to go about retrieving and accessing court records and document images. Simply follow the step-by-step instruction below.

Step #1: Visit

Once on the site, you will see a prompt box that will have “Enter text below to sign in:” written next to it. This step is set in place so that the platform knows you are a human. Click on the prompt box and enter the combination of numbers and characters displayed in a colorful box bellow. Simple start with the most left one and enter every character/number you until you come to the right edge. They must be in the same order as in the colorful box. The trick is to look at it as a single line.

Step #2: Once you have entered all the characters /numbers into the box, click on the big button below the colorful box. The “CLICK HERE TO SEARCH” button will take you to the next step.

Step #3: If you have entered the right combination of characters/numbers then you have been redirected to the “Court Records Main Menu” page. In case you haven’t entered the right combination of characters /numbers that repeat step #2.

Once you are on the “Court Records Main Menu” page you have four option:

  • General Index Search
  • Docket Schedule
  • Case/Name Information
  • Clerk Summons Delivery System

Each of the first three options enables you to search using a variety of parameters. You should click on the one that suits your search criteria and proceed. Choose the “Clerk Summons Delivery System” option, if you’d like to access a specific case using your email.

On each of the above search option pages, you will need to enter at least some specific information on which the system can perform the search. Having these pieces of information at your hand will definitely speed up the process for you. Case type, case number, ID #, names, and others should be available to you.

Step #4: Whichever of the above search options you choose, simply enter the key data by which the search will be performed and then click on the “Submit” or “Serch” button.

Each of the search options has some specific instructions and notes on the corresponding page. Make sure to read this before performing the actual search. We hope our instruction will help you with the use of the Alachua County Court Records platform and that you will be able to find and access the information or documents you are searching for.